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Natural and Safe Surface Sanitizer-2g- 5 pack

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Natural and Safe Surface Sanitizer- HOCL -2g- 5 pack
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Kills Bacteria and Viruses!

This Sanitizer Plus ECA-500 Commercial/ Hospital Grade Sanitizer are EPA Sani approved to eliminate 99.99996% of bacteria, spores, fungus, and mold. Sani Power Plus ECA-500 is also FDA approved to eliminate harmful bacteria, and deadly biofilm found in, on, and around food growing, processing, and preparing areas and surfaces. It is easy to make, mix, handle, and utilize to make any cleaned surface safe for human consumption or contact. Sani Power Plus ECA-500 is a water-soluble powder that when added to any tap water as directed, becomes several times stronger than any other commonly used disinfecting product currently used in Residential, Commercial, or Industrial cleaning applications such as Bleach, Alcohol, or Ammonia-based cleaners.

2 Gram is best for commercial use but can be used in the residence.

Makes 10 Quarts! or 2.5 Gallons!

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is lethal to every pathogen it has been tested against but completely harmless to humans and other mammals once mixed with water.

It explodes the germs and viruses rather than poison them

If we all continue to use traditional poisons, we will find ourselves back in a non-antibiotic state, Like how penicillin use to work very well but today is not near as effective.

10 per each pack

Total of 50 packs


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