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Sani Power Dissolving Granular 1 lb/454 Grams

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Sani Power Dissolving Granular 1 lb/454 Grams- HOCL
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  • This 1 lb tub will mix up to approximately 112 Gallons for Residential Use and 56 Gallons for Commercial Use.

  • Designed primarily for commercial applications where higher ppm is mandatory, such as Athletic Facilities, Gyms & Locker Rooms,Office, Real Estate, Daycare, Preschools,Schools Colleges, Transportation Vehicles, and so many more.
  • Kills Most Bacteria and Viruses when used as directed.
  • EPA approved to eliminate bacteria, spores, fungus, and mold.
  • FDA approved to eliminate harmful bacteria.
  • Easy to make, mix and handle.
  • Safe and nontoxic.
  • Water-soluble powder, hypochlorous solution, that when added to any tap water as directed, becomes several times stronger than any other commonly used disinfecting products such as Bleach, Alcohol or Ammonia-based cleaners.
  • Works with Electrostatic Sprayers and Misters
  • Least expensive HOCL on the market- High quality

* container for mixing and spraying not included

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